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Anahita From Janaza Responds To Critics Doubting She Is In A Anti-Islamic Iraqi Black Metal Band

Janaza (2010) Over a year ago, The Gauntlet brought a ton of attention of female fronted anti-islamic Iraqi black metal band Janaza. A lot of attention was brought upon this band, especially Anahita, whether they wanted it or not. Within a few months, many began to doubt her story based upon the fact that her image was from another band as was the band image for Seeds of Ibliss.

The Gauntlet posed these questions to not only Janaza, but also a metal blogger in the Middle East.

Anahita Janaza stated "First of all, about the hoax thing, its' really stupid that people outside would really think that we have the power to publish our real photos, I guess the whole world saw the brutality of Islam by killing the American ambassador in Libya because of a film about Islam, I wonder how people outside the Arabian borders think that we can rescue our life by publishing such thing, we can chose fake images and publish our music while feeling safe that we wont be killed the other day.

"About believing us if we are Iraqi people or AMERICAN PEOPLE, we are not rescuing our souls to prove this to anyone, especially for the press, because the press is mainly the only reason that caused the death of about 100 metallers in IRAQ in the beginning of this year.

"At the end I only can say MUSIC TALKS, the message behind our music is more important that who we are, its not about fame and its not about MONEY, its about A MESSAGE, A MESSAGE for all the world to hear!"

A blogger from the mid east stated "I honestly kinda doubt it, since all her messages, plus all her facebook posts seem to be written by the same person, and with a decidedly female slant. I have to say though, even if she is a fictional character, i wouldnt really have a problem with it, i would see it more as a Rosie the Riveter type thing, a rallying point for a legitimate cause, womens rights in a religiously oppressive environment, and i have to give props to anyone who is willing to risk that kind of danger for a good cause."

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    October 27, 2012

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