Live Blog of Housecore Horror Film Fest at Dirty Dog Bar

Housecore Horror Film Fest
3:11 pm - Child bite... Post punk epicness!!

2:54 pm - A list of the shows at one of the 4 venues showing movies and metal!!

3:11 am - Back at my room, alone, and so Fucking tired! I have to be up in about 4 hours. Tomorrow morning they kick the day off with horror flicks at 9!!! Goodnight future and past lovers!

12:39 am - Guise!! Omg this night has turned so Fucking brutal!! New fav band is White Widow Pact!! They just ripped my face off!!!

12:07 am - Um not sure who this is but hot Fucking damn!! Bass players finger better right.

11:13 pm - Black Moriah ripping faces off!

10:20 pm - Holy shit this chicks TAPPING the bass... TAPPING. They are brutal as Fuck!

10:01 pm - Witch metal band with a semi black bass player called Black Queen is rocking Dirty Dogs!!

7:55 pm - Finally made it to my hotel and it already looks a mess :(

7:45 pm - Brandy Jarrett will be live blogging from the Housecore Horror film fest tonight and running through the weekend.