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Thee Maldoror Kollective
Band members
Kundahli - Vox, Machinery, Percussions E.V.A.nghelya - Synths, Sound Surgery Drakon N.o.X. - Acoustic and Digital Percussions H:Kashchej - Guitars, Noises K Nordvargr - Drone Exoskeleton


Maybe revolution is just the last, boring paradigm you have found in the glamorous net mire, and it's also supposable that a revolutionary strategy is something no one will imagine in the same coherent way. So it's impossible to recognize an intrinsic value of revolutions, revolutionaries, saints and sinner: the box is in our head, and the most exciting weird idea in our mind could be the ultimate bullshit in yours. The value is just the simple result, and we are so decently disillusioned to consider every idea just in sight of its concrete consequences. But yes, there is the same old problem of control and coercive mediarchy: freedom is the first and last utopia mirage, and the irony is that even in your/our attempts to reduce control and evade mediarchy we all are ruled by smaller but more accurate identification weapons. So there is no way out: the simple yet precious possibility we got is to explore and understand what fucking kind of gene is responsible for our intrinsic need for control and identity. So this path is to conjure every channel in order to promote the programming of a different cyber freak, but what is more important is that even these words hide an identity trap: describe yourself as alternative not knowing it's just a temporary status means to reduce yourself to the same old conservative cage. Even if we're not musicians inside this node you'll find our audible attempt to move, deconstruct and re-address energies and hypothesis. The aim - if we'll remain so romantic to believe in an aim - is to experiment among different fields and identity to lose our illusory one. Subjectivity is supposed to be the key to the only possible objectivity. Even if we're not believable preachers, is also present a large amount of written ideas and inputs just to consider the valuable number of highways that can hopefully lead to another node.

Just remember that in this particular round in informational war, we gained enough irony to share not all the ideas expressed in this node. Even not ours.

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