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Dark Nova
Band members
Elias Koskoris - guitars Nick Adams - drums Michael Choulakis - vocals Lara K. - bass Mary Tassouli - keyboards


Hammering metal into your head!!!
The Canadian heavy metal scene has always been one of the most quality scenes worldwide. Be ready for the best thing Canada has put out in a very long time in powerful heavy metal. Featuring "Bulldog" Bess Ross on guitar, Maxel Black, vocals , Dave T. Green, bass, all veteran musicians, and talented drummer, Simon Vanderzand. Their promo CD "Unleash The Fury" received triumphant reviews from the worldwide metal press. 9 metal-thirsty compositions comprise the release of "Penetrator" and be sure that some of them will become instant classics! A late April release that is expected with much anticipation. Fantastic limited edition digi-pack CD release with 8 page booklet.

The band was formed in 1987 under the name DARK DEVILS. They released their first demo titled "Shrinel ", a combination of heavy metal and classical music. In 1991 they signed with the Hellenic record company "Molon Lave Records" and recorded their debut album titled "The Dark Rhapsodies" . At the time some members of the band were working with other bands as session musicians.
The debut album was released in 1993 and received positive response both from press and fans, succeeding with a number of live shows all over Greece. In 1994 the band took part in the German compilation CD, titled "Metal Under Germany vol.3", which was released by the "Sound Phaze Int.".

The incapability of "Molon Lave Records" to support the LP efficiently and release it on CD deprived the band of a further recognition. Some changes occurred in the band's line up during the last 3 years. A few promo tapes were produced, which were reviewed in many heavy metal magazines, like "BURN" in Japan and "THE CIRCLE" in Germany, receiving fair ratings.

In 1999 they released their successful second album titled "1999 a step beyond...?" by "SEVEN recs.".

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