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Tad Morose
Band members
Urban Breed - vocals Christer "Krunt" Andersson - guitars Daniel Olsson - guitars Anders Modd - bass Peter Morèn - drums


2004 has just begun, and with it a monumental new release comes from Sweden's TAD MOROSE. Exploding in with conquering splendor TAD MOROSE encapsulates the listener in music laden with thundering drums, roaring guitar riffs and compelling vocals. Power / progressive metal fans have a band they can rally around and who can take the genre into the 21st Century unafraid to reach forward and confidently bringing with them the greatness learned from their predecessors.
Since 1993 TAD MOROSE have continuously released unforgettable albums. Consistently compared to classic Savatage, and country-mates Lefay, 2002's Matters Of The Dark, the second album for Century Media, was hailed as "a must have for the true power metal connoisseur" by Pit Magazine, and scored them a four-page feature in Metal Maniacs. Fans in America have come to expect great things, herein the 2004 release they will not be disappointed.
TAD MOROSE fans have come to expect no less than the best and Modus Vivendi delivers. Opener "Anubis" begins with drums that report clean and sharp, and instant sonic gratification from classic layered guitar riffs. Urban breed's strong and imploring vocals are reminiscent of early Geoff Tate, Operation Mindcrime-era Queensryche. Fans of modern day artists Nevermore, Evergrey, Primal Fear, and Metalium will quickly be converted by TAD MOROSE'S dexterous use of heavy guitar rhythms, soaring lead work, reverberating rhythmical attack, delicate heartfelt melodies and classic song structure grounded in a truly classic Heavy Metal. Modus Vivendi marks a milestone for the band for this is the third album where there has not been a lineup change.
Returning to hometown recording base Studio Soundcreation, Modus Vivendi was once again engineered by Per Ryberg. Here the band achieved the trademark depth and clarity necessary to impart their vision. For mixing however, TAD MOROSE enlisted the services of Fredrick Nordström and Patrik Sten of the now infamous Studio Fredman (Opeth, Hammerfall, In Flames).
Active as a performing band, 2002 saw TAD MOROSE tour Europe with NWOBHM legends Demon, and support act Chinchilla. Additionally, they were asked to carry the torch at Milwaukee Metalfest, 2000 Decibel, Metal Dayz, Sweden Rock, and Germany's now legendary Wacken Open Air.
There have been many changes for Sweden's TAD MOROSE over the course of the last decade: six full-length releases, the start of a new century and line-up changes; however, one thing has remained constant, style. Unaffected by changing tastes in the mainstream, TAD MOROSE have elevated each release to a higher level, raising the bar of excellence for themselves and their brethren in progressive edged heavy metal.

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