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Talbot Bio

Band members
Magnus Andre - bassguitar, synth, vocals Jarmo Nuutre - drums, vocals


Coming from Estonia's capital Tallinn, Talbot has been conquering the world actively since 2008.
With Magnus Andre on bass guitar, synths, vocals and Jarmo Nuutre on drums, vocals and sometimes them both with some other lovely gadgets, Talbot has created a unique sound of their own - massive, atmospheric and noisy with a nice amount of psychedelia on top of it.
Duo loves to DIY. Besides Magnus being responsible for recording, Talbot also 
self-released their EP "Tundra" in 2008 and album "EOS" in 2010 under Jarmo's label - Talk Left-Handed. The band is also managed by Jarmo, and books their own gigs and tours.
"Tundra" was later re-released as a limited edition by ConSouling Sounds and "EOS" re-released by Slow Burn Records, and nominated for the Best Metal album of 2010 at Estonian Music Awards.
After touring in Australia, Russia and several times in Europe, Talbot is currently planning the bigger steps. Writing new material, organizing a lot of next tours etc.
So, stay alert and be sure to monitor Talbot's websites for the fresh news about new releases, upcoming shows and more.

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