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Temple of the Black Moon
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Lo and truly behold! A hellish new band has emerged from the quagmire that is the extreme music scene. Imagine a cauldron bubbling over with the unsavory flavors of Tool and Celtic Frost, and seasoned with the likes of Immortal and At The Gates, and you’d be about halfway to describing the uncouth racket these guys have spat upon an unsuspecting planet. Temple of the Black Moon Calling themselves the Temple of the Black Moon, the group (who describe their output as “music for an evil film noir’) are an eclectic stew of musicians/hell-raisers/miscreants in the ungainly form of Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth), Rob Caggiano (Anthrax, The Damned Things), King (formerly of Gorgoroth and Ov Hell) and John Tempesta (formerly of White Zombie and now drumming with The Cult). Origin of the name Explaining the origins of the name, vo-killist Dani Filth had this to mutter on the subject: “We had an innumerable amount of names that never seemed likely to stick, that was until we put our proverbial heads together and narrowed it down to just three or four, and then tossed for it (proverbially of course) using a silver Norwegian crown (we couldn’t find any proper money). The name Temple of the Black Moon represents the rigorous worship of desire, (the black moon astrologically has always held association with the dark Goddess Lilith) and of course the ramifications of the lunar eclipse, always a herald for death and ill-omen. “So far almost an album’s worth of material has been demoed, with Temple of the Black Moon hooking up in the darkest depths of Bergen, Norway to collectively thrash it out. Songtitles thus far include “Infernal Desire Machine”, “Don’t Call Up What You Can’t Put Down”, “Dark Eyes For Trouble”, “Beautifully Perverse” and “C.N.T (All That’s Missing Is You)”.

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