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Bone Crushing Annihilation Bio

Bone Crushing Annihilation
Band members
Daniel Kovacs- lead guitar and vocals Max Case- bass guitar Jim Roggendorf- lead vocals and guitar Dan Brozycki-drums


"Tons of aggression and impressive playing already serve as weapons for this roaring stampede", is what Neo-zine has to say about this band. Starting out in the end of 2001, Bone Crushing Annihilation, hailing from Orange County, are already crushing their way into the death metal scene. When 2003 came around, they were ready to get in the studio and self released Truth To Reality, an 11-song album only released in limited quantities. Shortly after its release, BCA started playing lots of shows in an attempt to further traumatize the mainstream music community. Annihilating audiences by opening up for Hate Eternal, Deicide, Malamor, Cattle Decapitation, Into Eternity, Kataklysm and Dying Fetus.

Bone Crushing Annihilation is in the thrash/death metal genre of music.
Aggressing brutal views on serial killers and how fucked up the world is.

They are seriously talented musicians that add really crazy guitar solos over fast aggressive and catchy guitar riffs with mind shattering blast beats, double bass, and drum fills.

As 2004 rolled around these guys, are only getting more pissed off and fed up with society's ignorance. They are currently recording their second album before heading out to Detroit to play the Michigan Death Fest in August. There's no stopping these butchers in an era where metal is a dying breed. They will not rest until metal is back on top again.
After playing the Michigan Death Fest in 2004, and a show in Cleveland they have finally completed the tracking and mixing on their new album "Killing Spree", which will be mastered by the master himself, James Murphy. Formally in Cancer, Death, Obituary and Testament, to name a few. Not to mention several solo projects. With his latest project being a Death Tribute to the great Chuck Schuldiner. BCA are now looking for a record label to sign with and are getting ready to annihilate America and Europe!

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