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Tears From The Sky Bio

Tears From The Sky
Band members
JS Racine - Vocals Seb Filliatrault - Bass/Vocals Dominic St-Aubin - Guitar Yanic Desgroseillers - Guitar Guillaume Lambert - Drums


The province of Quebec, Canada is famous for frigid winters, warm people and many successful acts in the heavy music scene. Tears From The Sky is no exception to that. Hailing from Montreal QC, Tears From The Sky was born in June 1999. After a rocky start and many line-up changes the band has been a stable entity for several years now. Each of the members brings a differing creative and experiential perspective to the collaboration, and the resulting complexity is a signature sound that pushes the limits of songwriting and musicianship. The combination of world-culture influence and playing styles transcends much of what is available today and Tears From The Sky have truly found their niche when it comes to the artistic expression of creating something from nothing. The result is emotionally arousing music. Playing loud, crushing melodic metal with powerful roaring and screaming vocals, the band digs into both classic and modern metal to create a raw and dark sound that makes your head bang and your fist rise. Tears From The Sky delivers solid rhythm and epic-sounding riffs combined with heartfelt vocals. Lyrics are inspired by frustration, reflective thought and life experience that can only be expressed through their bleak, punishing themes. Yet Tears From The Sky's sound isn't aimed only for metal-heads. Their inspiration from punk, hardcore, rock, and all things driving and energetic come together in a new recipe for fun.

Tears From The Sky has quickly gained recognition throughout the Quebec scene by playing many shows throughout the province. Within four years, the band released two independent demos and songs on three different compilations, one of which was the Montreal Hardcore Compilation. With the release of their EP "Power Symbol" in February 2005 on Life Sentence Records, the band looks forward to leaving their mark outside Canada and increasing their recognition on their home turf.

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