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Thine Eyes Bleed Bio

Thine Eyes Bleed
Band members
Justin Wolfe - Vocals Jeff Phillips - Guitar David Newell - Guitar Johnny Araya - Bass Darryl Stephens - Drums


f you believe that you have seen everything Metal has to offer, suspend that belief! You have not seen "Thine Eyes Bleed"!

Each member of "Thine Eyes Bleed" brings with them a radically different perspective on music, but for all the differences, there is a common ground, Metal. All the members are connoisseurs of the different facets of darkness, brutality and ultra-violence that the genre can portray.

Piercing riffs delivered with lightening speed and precision are contrasted with cryptically twisted and pummeling dirges, pushing the listener to the very boundaries of experience.

Dueling guitar melodies remind us of what was so addictive about classic metal and thrash.

The drumming is relentless, masterfully integrating many different styles. Blast beats explode out of whiplash inducing double bass patterns.

The vocals own a wide range of intense screams and guttural lows, conveying tormented imagery with blood chilling effectiveness.

"Thine Eyes Bleed" does not confine its song writing to a single genre; it is a band that will never be typecast. The only rule that this band heeds is that the songs must be brutal and unforgettable.

It's time for the world to hear what these Canadian metal warriors have to say and they are more than willing to bring their infectious brand of sonic destruction wherever there are receptive ears.

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