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Born From Pain
Band members
Che - Vocals Stefan - Guitar Karl - Guitar Roel - Drums Rob - Bass


BORN FROM PAIN was founded in the early summer of '97 after the demise of the glorious Feeding The Fire. Rob, formerly of Point Of No Return, Feeding The Fire, Backdraft and Wheel Of Progress, along with Che, decided to start a new, raw, heavy and in-your-face hardcore band with their friends Wouter, formerly of Feeding The Fire, and Serve, formerly of Quarantine. The outcome was BORN FROM PAIN. The band started doing gigs late summer of that very same year, unleashing the rage upon mankind. Playing energetic and modern NY-style hardcore with a big metal influence, which combines lyrics spewing anger and frustration, they've earned themselves a lot of respect everywhere they've been. Since that summer these guys have played tons of shows with a wide variety of bigger and smaller hardcore and metal acts, leaving them with nothing but good responses by everyone who'd witnessed their ever-raging live performance. 3 CD's and numerous tours later they have become the well oiled machine they are known to be.

After successful festival appearances last year (e.g. With Full Force, Pressure Fest, Fury Fest), tours with Hatebreed, Madball and the Eastpak Resistance tour, and US and Japan tours in support of their last full-length album "Sands Of Time", BORN FROM PAIN are now gearing up to take everything a step further. With a new worldwide deal on Metal Blade Records and a busy tour schedule backing the April 2005 release of their new full-length "In Love with the End", the band is more than ever ready to conquer Europe, the US and the rest of the world.

BORN FROM PAIN are ready to release a devastating blow to the world with more variety and a straight forward approach to the personal and social politics of life than ever before, musically returning to a sound that gave hardcore its heaviness back in the early nineties. Still heavy, still neck breaking and still taking no prisoners.

"In Love with the End" will see the light of day on April 18th, 2005. BORN FROM PAIN will be touring the world for this release until whenever it takes. Beware!

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