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Bombklan Bio

Band members
PG - vocals
Ola - drums
Pelle - guitars
Baier - bass


Pelle and Ola formed BombKlan at the end of 1998. PG joined BombKlan at that moment. After having several of bass-player exchange, Baier joined up with the Bombers in March 2000.

BombKlan was formerly known as Filthy Christians.

Filthy Christians made a couple of albums at the English record label Earache Records and the American/German record label We Bite Records. They toured Europe and Scandinavia together with Napalm Death amongst others.

Filthy Christians broke up in the middle of the ninetieth. From the ashes of Filth Christians BombKlan rose.

In March 2000 BombKlan went into studio and recorded the promo 1. PRIDE. At first, the purpose was exclusively promotion, but since the band members where satisfied by the result they decided to release the CD-EP to the public.

A Swedish newspaper tried to define BombKlan's music style: "BombKlan are hard as granite with a contribution of cheeky crusty punk rock."…Well, that's a definition of BombKlan music! 'Nuf said!!!

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