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Boiler Bio

Band members
J Harman - drums
Brian Robarge - guitar/vocals
Will Price - bass/vocals


BOILER began, humbly enough, as a side project. Will Price (vocalist, bass player, song writer) and Marc Mays (vocalist, guitarist, song writer) became house mates and decided to jam together. Both Marc and Will belonged to other bands at the time, but when they included J. Harman (drummer) as the third man in their jam session, they all agreed that the and intensity of the music warranted giving this trio a try. In November 1994 BOILER was born kicking out slamming tunes and creating an original Dirtcore sound.

As the demos rolled out ("Thud" 1995, "Frown" 1996), BOILER soon realized that the press they received was not only regional, but national and even international. BOILER is a "Groove Core Outfit from Ithaca, NY ...God knows why they haven't got a full deal yet." - Metal Hammer (England). "Their demo more than reflects their musical resumes" - Circus (U.S.). "I received lot of music [sic], but BOILER rises above the masses." - Kjetil Karlsen, Radio Ringerike (Norway).

BOILER eventually caught the eyes and ears of Mayhem Records. The band
signed a deal with the Atlantic subsidiary, and it released "The New Professionals - Rules for Industrial Slammitude and Groovination" in April 1998. The album was recorded and produced by Alex Perialas & Jason Arnold for WFO Productions. Response to the CD was superb. "Were these guys at Ozzfest? Why not?" - Juice Magazine (New Jersey); "If you like your core heavy, groovy and thick as a lava flow, then this should be put on the top of your top ten list of buys immediately" - Faze 3 Magazine (North Carolina); "Boiler knows how make the listener understand the meaning of Slammitude and Groovination" - Euphony Magazine (Colorado); "Get your groove on boys and girls and check out this super hot band as soon as you can" - The Aquarian (New York).

BOILER was also voted Denver, Colorado's best new band of 1998 and number one at the Christmas sales rush despite the fact that BOILER had not even played a single show there. The songs "Roswall" and "Frontin'" from "The NEW Professionals" landed on the soundtrack for the Beavis and Butthead "Do U" video game. Even Howard Stern started playing "Frontin'" clips on his nationally syndicated radio show.

Shortly after the first release, the band toured relentlessly for over a year. On their own and with acts such as Crowbar, Backstreet Law, and Deist Requiem, the threesome covered a lot of territory. By playing the East Coast, much of the South, and venturing out West, BOILER has built a great following. "One off" shows have been very positive for the band as well.

Playing the Milwaukee Metal Fest 1998, The Cleveland World Series of Metal
1998 and 1999, and opening for major acts such as Bad Religion, BioHazard,
Pro-Pain, Testament, Pissing Razors, Stuck Mojo, Dio, Blue Oyster Cult, etc. has been crucial to the bands success thus far. Back in Ithaca between tours, BOILER recorded a cover song for the Pantera tribute album, "Panther" from Eclipse Records. While the tribute album includes several noted bands, BOILER's version of "Mouth For War" distinguishes itself with its BOILER originality and style.

In January 2000, Marc decided to leave BOILER to pursue a solo career.
With J. and Will still dedicated to the band, they enlisted guitarist/vocalist Brian Robarge to join BOILER, and on January 17th, the new BOILER jammed its first notes together. Since that day, the band has been pounding out brand new poop kickin' songs that are groovier and more intelligently written. BOILER is now stronger than ever.

The band released the EP "YEE-HAW!!!" in June 2000 (the last batch of songs that Marc recorded with the band). "YEE-HAW!!!", recorded and produced by Alex Perialas and Jason Arnold for WFO productions, is a seven song onslaught of dirt rock, groove hooks, and the bonus Pantera cover that has proved to be a hard core hoe-down to be reckoned with.

BOILER has made great strides over many hurdles that have come up in their path. The band has taken these set-backs the only way it knows how - head on with hard work, perseverance and the hope that finally it will all pay off. Brian, J and Will are committed to have as many people as possible hear their thunder and feel their beats. Kick it out and rock it down with the one original BOILER!

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