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Tarot Bio

Band members
Marco Hietala - Bass & vocals
Zachary Hietala - Guitar
Pecu Cinnari - Drums
Janne Tolsa - Keys


Formed by brothers Marco and Zachary Hietala in the mid-80s, Tarot has always been a lasting favourite among Finnish metal fans. Their debut album "Spell of Iron" was released in
1986 with a line-up of the Hietala brothers in bass, vocals and guitar, Pecu Cinnari in drums and Mako H in guitars. The debut was followed by the 1988 album "Follow Me into Madness", and also by a five-year vacation during which Mako H. was replaced by keyboardist Janne Tolsa.
1993's "To Live Forever" made the band known also among Japanese heavy-fanatics for whom Tarot recorded an exclusive Japan-only live album in 1994. Some of the live tracks were later added to the bonus CD of 1995's "Stigmata", an album that once again marked a small
break in the band's career. The band gathered its forces in 1998 "For the Glory of Nothing", but for years it seemed that it was to be Tarot's final album. Although the band played occasional gigs here and there, the limelight was turned to the members' other projects. Marco Hietala joined
Conquest and played bass in Sinergy while Janne Tolsa took part in the recordings of Virtuocity's
"Secret Visions". The year 2001 saw Marco Hietala joining the ranks of Nightwish, and as
Nightwish's record company Spinefarm also took interest in the future of Tarot. After months of persuasion and long conversations with Spinefarm's representatives, Tarot finally agreed and started
the recordings of a new album in October 2002. Now after five years of silence, Tarot returns with
one killer of an album, "Suffer Our Pleasures"! In the words of, the biggest Finnish
metal webzine:

"Dear friends, the waiting is finally over and this album has certainly been worth waiting for. Believe it or not, "Suffer Our Pleasures" is without a doubt the best Tarot-album ever!" ALBUM Suffer Our Pleasures.

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