heavy metal

theKilling Bio

Band members
dave harris - vocals
marc eisenmann - guitar
mike cassel - guitar
chris tole - bass
mike hickey - noise


TheKilling is a six-piece, metal band from southern New Jersey. Formed in the spring of 2002 with former members of Espestice, blue.skies.fade, and the Orion Code, the band offers a brand of metal that is hard to come by in the south Jersey area. theKilling's unique sound is attained through their amalgamation of aggressive death metal, hardcore, and metal core. After recording their ep 'What is yet to come' in june of 2002 theKilling had to split ways with their drummer. Being without a drummer theKilling was forced to become semi-dormant. After months of reclusion and a search for a new drummer, the band has surfaced once again... and now it is time to make their presence known.

Having shared the stage with such national touring acts as Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Twelve Tribes, Cannae, A Life Once Lost, and others, theKilling is set on the right path for bring their destruction to the masses. burning guitar and pounding drums overcome the listener just before the devilish synths and thunderous vocals finish the job as they meet their demise at the hands of theKilling.

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