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Ebony Tears Bio

Ebony Tears
Band members
Johnny - vocals
Conny - guitars
Peter - bass
Richard - drums


Ebony Tears were formed around the nucleus of vocalist Johnny Wranning and guitarist Conny Jonsson, a graduate of the Musician's Institute In Los Angeles, 1996. They recruited a bassist and drummer and recorded their first demo that same year. The finished demo was so accomplished that they chose to sign a deal with Black Sun Records from the many offers they received from such notable companies as Wrong Again, Listenable, Displeased and Black Mark Records. The following year they recorded their debut, Tortura Insomniae, at Sunlight Studios. The album was well received but due to line-up changes the group was unable to tour. Over the next few years they recorded another album, A Handful Of Nothing, which was met with comparisons to such leading acts as At The Gates, Meshuggah and Entombed.

Now Ebony Tears have returned with what promises to be their best release yet. Evil As Hell was recorded at Studio Underground and features the same brilliant thrash attack as their earlier efforts but utilizes an incredibly fast and technical edge which will remind listeners of early Strapping Young Lad combined with the Haunted or vintage Slayer. This is one album that certainly can live up to it's hype!

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