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Daemonarch is a project whose protagonists are three current members of the band Moonspell, exploring the darker sides of their personas to form the essence of Daemonarch. This project was mainly born from the compilation of some of the ritual poetry and epic tales that Fernando Ribeiro (a/k/a Langsuyar) wrote between the ages of 14 and 16, inspired by his deep interest, experiences and studies of the Occult and Satanic philosophies and arts. Although his proclivities within these ritualistic fields are not new to anyone familiar with his character and belief system, this band does mark the first time that these emotions have been released and unveiled to the outside world, as it extends even beyond the depth and sincerity expressed within the earliest recorded Moonspell material. Combined with the undeniable talent of two of the main composers of Moonspell, whose interest and curiosity for this music never had the chance to be fully realized, Daemonarch's music is a pure artistic project that brings back to the scene a fascinating combination of very dark, esoteric and hermetic poetry with a heartfelt irony and highly violent and intense musical texture. The band are dedicated to returning black magic to where it belongs musically, teaching a valuable lesson to all those bands that wanted to dispute ownership of the "true" black throne but whose talent and vision could not live up to their ambition, or whose beliefs were exaggerated for the purposes of furthering their own musical endeavors. Daemonarch is a release from all the violence pent up by Fernando/Langsuyar in regards to each of the scars upon his soul inflicted by a world that condemns any sort of individual thoughts or unique beliefs that don't conform to mass acceptance. The result is an unpretentious spiritual project done by people with a deep-seated tradition in dark music, played with the innermost convictions to reflect their souls' darkest core. Look at Daemonarch as a tribute to the important facets of arcane music and Occult sciences, leaving such things as competition and arrogance to the many other bands who are so wrapped up in declaring their own supremacy over peers that they have been sidetracked from their original goals. Take a deep breath, open your mind and behold the sheer power, irony, courage and intensity of this new project we now offer you cloaked in black.

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