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Band members
Foxy Broomo Dave Magill


Oozing with driving momentum, SSS possess the notorious attitude of early Boston bands and the heart of bay area thrash.
, spawning optimal hybrid thrash prowess that is destined to uproot the revival and throw any fan into a tailspin. In late 2006 SSS released a 16 song shocker through Dead and Gone Records, receiving elite critical acclaim and sticking a spotlight on SSS’s riveting underground live shows. Receiving 3 K’s from Kerrang (January 2007 issue), SSS has been noted by Kerrang as “taking us back to a time when all that mattered were riffs and blast beats” - delivering the bricks and mortar of warranted angst-ridden THRASH!

From an initial 6 song demo in May 2005 ,SSS toured the UK in Oct 05, with fellow scouse bands WALK the PLANK (rip) and DOWN & OUTs. Live, Broomo is unleashed on guitar, Dave lets rip on drums with Magill possessed on bass, all fronted with an enormous ‘fuck you’ attitude, led by Foxy- the most obnoxious frontman in the UK. Daily carnage ensued on the "Our Day Out" tour and later extensive Euro tour (Oct 06)

SSS followed up their demo with a 7 inch wax offering, featuring 4 brand new songs (CDC, Bath Night, Thrash with a small Moustash & Black Night White Light, the latter an ode to the fallen Thrash titan, Cliff Burton)- this was a split release through the bands own THRASHGIG recs ( up n coming UK label, DEAD+GONE records ( record release gig in Liverpool on April 22nd 2006saw one of the bands gnarliest shows ever.

The close of 2006 saw the release of ShortSharpShock- the debut 16 track CD & 12 inch wax, limited to 1000 copies on Dead & Gone – the bands crossover-thrashin / double kickin' / body slammin' / fist bangin’ mania went down a storm immediately with fans and critics alike.

In Feb 2007 the band inked with Earache Records, a partnership that saw the marrying of Earache’s indie roots and SSS’s DIY ethics. On the signing front man Foxy told Kerrang!, ‘It’s fucking amazing, because we were doing everything ourselves but now we’ve got people who can push us to the next level and get our music out there.’

The fruits of their labour came to light when, later that year, they re-issued their self-titled debut. Both fans and the press lapped it up, and comparisons were being made to the greats – Anthrax, Excel and early Suicidal Tendencies. The track ‘Son Of The Beast’ was used in an advert featuring pro-skater and long-time friend of the band Geoff Rowley for Independent Trucks.

2008 saw the band take their thrash metal assault on the road alongside label mates Municipal Waste and separately with hardcore punksters Gallows. They also secured a spot playing alongside metal legends Killswitch Engage.

SSS are currently the studio, recording their eagerly anticipated new album, which will feature artwork from Pushead, renowned for his work with Metallica. The release, which is currently unnamed, is sure to cement the band as one of the most important new names in British thrash.

The band are bursting with excitement about the new release, as bassist Mark Magill says, "We just finished 3 days tracking drums for the new album and it sounds bezerk. Dave pulled out all the stops and we got 30 tracks laid down. It's so much faster, heavier and harder than the first record and we can't wait to get it done and in your mits."

…stay tuned for more news on the new album…

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