heavy metal

Trelldom Bio

Band members
Gaahl - Vocals Sir - Bass Valgard - Guitar Are - session Drums

black metal

Trelldom was started in Sunnfjord by Gaahl in 92. After recording the demo Disappearing of the Burning Moon, the full length Til Evighet... was released the year after in 95. The current line-up for the ten last years has been Gaahl, Sir and Valgard who recorded Til Et Annet... in 98 and now Til Minne...

Trelldom did never see the need to rush the recording of this album ,and in addition there were several reasons that stopped an early release. Some of the material on this recording are dated back to the very beginning of Trelldom in 92, and as on the previous recording, Pytten at Grieghallen studios is producing the unique expressions that Trelldom represents.

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