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3 Mile Scream
Band members
Matt McGachy - Vocals Ben Ayotte - Guitar Alex Delis - Guitar Mike Marino - Bass Norm Geneau - Drums

melodic death metal

In a time where bands boasting about blending melody to brutality are a dime a dozen, few step up to the plate as imposing as Montreal's 3 Mile Scream. While combining near lethal doses of slayer-esque thrash metal to the crushing brutality of death metal, the band strives to maintain the utmost melodic finesse throughout their music. 3 Mile Scream is powering through songs with enough hooks to outshine the sun.
The force known as 3 Mile Scream was formed in early 2002 by a young group of guys, all of whom ex members of various established local acts. Embracing a "no sleep, no need" work ethic, the band went on to play countless gigs therefore perfecting their craft and reaching a whole new level of musicianship. Quite rapidly the name and rumors of their infectiously heavy tunes spread like wildfire, securing them an impressive following across the underground metal and hardcore scene.

3 Mile Scream's live show, a maelstrom of intense, unrelenting metal quickly helped the band obtain numerous opening slots with the likes of Unearth, Soulfly, God Forbid, Strapping Young Lad, Bury Your Dead, A Perfect Murder (and the list goes on) all without any help from management or a record label. For anyone in attendance the message quickly became clear: one glimpse at the band's live show is sure to leave you bloodied, battered and yet thirsty for more.

Come May 2005, the band enlisted the aid of acclaimed producer J-F Dagenais (Malevolent Creation, Kataklysm, Misery Index) and Sterling Sound mastering engineer UE Nastasi (Killswitch Engage, Candiria, Clutch) to lay down what would become 3 Mile Scream's most significant and epic recorded material to date. Thus "A Prelude to our Demise", the band's as of yet unreleased full length debut, was prepped in hopes of securing a record deal. A stunning blend of European influenced metal, old-school thrash and classic death metal make this album a true testament to 3 Mile Scream's ever evolving sound.

Never compromising their drive to succeed and a dedication to consistency, this band is dead-set on proving time and time again that they are not one to be overlooked. Seething with anger and ferocity, 3 Mile Scream are determined to unleash their brand of metal with a vengeance.

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