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Symphony X Bio

Symphony X
Band members
Michael Romeo - guitars
Thomas Miller - bass
Michael Pinnella - keyboards
Russell Allen - vocals
Jason Rullo - drums

Progressive Power Metal

Symphony X from New Jersey, USA were founded in April 1994. Guitarist Michael Romeo received a lot of praise and interest for his self produced solo-tape "The Dark Chapter", which eventually led to the birth of Symphony X. First band member to arrive on the scene was bass player Thomas Miller, who had played with Michael on numerous occasions throughout the last ten years. Shortly after that vocalist Rod Tyler and drummer Jason Rullo were added to the band and finally with the arrival of Michael Pinnella, the first Symphony X line-up was complete.

The first album - simply titled "Symphony X" - was recorded in August/September '94 and released in Japan in December the same year. The album made a big impression on fans of progressive metal and melodic hard rock all over the world.

Only eight month after the release of the début album, Symphony X released their second album "The Damnation Game". In the beginning of '95 the band had parted ways with vocalist Rod and Russell Allen became the new front man of the band. With their majestic vocal harmonies and slight hints of classical music, the band wanted to push the boundaries of Progressive Music also in Europe. The reactions of the fans and press to "The Damnation game" were even more positive than for the debut.

At the end of 1996 Symphony X started to work on their Magnum Opus "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy". Without a shadow of a doubt one can say, that this album made a huge impression on fans and press alike. Especially Germany, Italy and France welcomed "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy" with open arms and called tracks like "Of Sins And Shadows", "The Accolade" and the 20minute title track classic masterpieces of its genre. In the readers polls of the big magazines Symphony X scored high with this album and the press showered the band with praise.

Instead of coming to Europe and playing live, Symphony X entered the studio again in October 1997 to start working on the follow up to "Divine Wings". Once the album is released the band promised to go out and play to their fans!

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