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Bombshell Bio

Band members
Chris Stephens - Vocals, Guitar Jesse Neal - Vocals, Synthesizer Matt Simmons - Guitar, whisper tracks Tim Cameron - bass, screams


Bombshell blurs the lines between the generically termed genres of emo, screamo, and post hardcore, to form a style of music that is appealing to almost all lovers of music. "There?s something for everyone". From clean, to intricate guitar work, mixed with harmonies and heart felt screams, Bombshell is the definition of what a band should be; not only creative beings, nor exciting entertainers...they are lovers of the music they create and the people that love what they do. Bombshell is not a label, it is not a genre, it is simply quality music... "We are not a hardcore band, we are not a screamo band, we aren?t an emo band...we are a BAND?. Look for their as of yet untitled Indianola full length debut April 2006.

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