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Taste Of Blood Bio

Taste Of Blood
Band members
Chase Fraser - Guitar Derek Rydquist - Vocals Tommy Legan - Guitar Evan Diolla - Drums Fred Soares - Bass


From the quiet and reserved hippie community of Santa Cruz arises THE TASTE OF BLOOD who has unfurled themselves upon this unassuming hardcore scene with all guns blazing. Their Tribunal Records debut, “Predator,” is like a horrid, panic-ridden nightmare with its ten tracks serving as the fiendish clutches from which you cannot escape. It is a merciless onslaught of psychotic hardcore fused with a modern, “pull no punches” grooved death metal approach. “Predator” will hit you with the sheer force and brutality of sledgehammer to the chin and will certainly leave you an incapacitated mess. It is this simply sadistic, yet ultimately effective abrasiveness that has THE TASTE OF BLOOD on the lips of devoted kids up and down the west coast. As “Predator” hits the streets, these fanatical legions will eagerly spread the word to new converts across the nation and finally everyone will gleefully enjoy THE TASTE OF BLOOD.

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