heavy metal


Band members
Steffen Eckardt - Guitars Julian C. Fink - Vocals Christian Fischer - Guitars & Backing Vocals Peter Hellmund - Bass Matthias Naumann - Drums


BA'AL – five guys kickin’ asses heavy as fuck. Heavy driving hardcore and diabolic melodies meet vocals out of the deepest depths of hell. If you can imagine SEPULTURA (in times of “Arise“ or “Chaos A.D.“) fucking with bands like BOLT THROWER, EIGHTEEN VISIONS and IN FLAMES, BA'AL would be the product...only with a better hair style.

BA'AL started out in the beginning of 2002 in Erfurt/Germany with only one . hitting your balls. And that’s what our music is all about. A good thrashing from the first to the last second but no dull e-chord moshing at all.

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