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System Of A Down Bio

System Of A Down
Band members
Serj Tankian - vocals
Daron Malakian - guitar
Shavo Odadjian - bass
John Dolmayan - drums


"Our heritage, our politics are really important, but our musical vibe together is the thing. Our live performances speak for themselves." -- System Of A Down

System of a Down Psychological Evaluations: Case Studies In Rock & Revolution

Over a period of several days, all four members of the Los Angeles-based heavy rock band System of a Down were psychologically examined for concise profiling by an area expert. Subjects, having recently completed ?Toxicity,? their "sophomore album" (note: industry term), were probed on the complex relationship properties linking the creation of inventive, melodic, fusion-minded metal to the sub-conscious discourse between childhood, ritual/habit, familial interplay and/or socio-political ideologies.

Methods employed included the Schwartz & Bristol six strata system of self-classification ("Rational," "Altruist," "Magician," "Innocent," "Orphan," "Wanderer" and "Warrior"), interrogation via the traditional Jungian perception vs. judgement dichotomy and an author-devised categorization based on character/idol association as sub-divided into: The Rational, The Artisan, The Guardian and The Idealist.

Examiner observed curious ties relating to heritage (in this instance Armenian) and common goals of defining, rather than following, supposed musical rules, borders or dictums. Elsewhere examiner noted the foursome to be a disparate mix of individuals, united by the Hegelian montage theory reasoning the sum of four great parts to be infinitely grander than any part in and of itself.

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