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June Bio

Band members
Mark Sutor - Drums Mark Palacz - Guitar Tim Brennan - Vocals/Guitar AJ Brown - Bass/Backing Vocals


Arguably the most competitive indie and punk scene in the Midwest, Chicago has brought you new bands like Fall Out Boy, Spitalfield, Rise Against and classics like Alkaline Trio, Smoking Popes, Cheap Trick and Smashing Pumpkins. Victory Records is proud to announce the release of “If You Speak Any Faster” by the Windy City’s newest and finest export, June. Like its Chicagoan predecessors, June’s sound is an enchanting mix of pop, punk, and rock, straightforward and infectious. And although a band is meant to be a collective effort, it is rare that you find a group of guys writing music based on their individual influences as opposed to what’s selling this week. The phrase “different strokes for different folks” most definitely comes in to play with June, whose members like to credit music ranging from Styx, Rush and Billy Idol to Foo Fighters and Saves The Day, to the bands they grew up with like Alkaline Trio as inspiration for their writing style. Growing up in the diverse, expansive scene in Chicago gave June the tools they needed to develop; when it was time to find a record label, their first choice was Victory Records, the largest label in Chicago. “Having people we work with that share the same vision as us is an awesome situation, having those same people be in Chicago is even more amazing,” says drummer Mark Sutor.

June is comprised of members Mark Sutor, Tim Brennan, Mark Palacz, and AJ Brown, who “basically started the band as a joke”, says Sutor, “and realized we had a pretty good thing going.” After recording an early four-song demo, June started playing around the local Chicago scene and effectively built a loyal following. This so-called “joke band” really caught on and word of mouth spread. The band independently released The June EP in mid-summer of 2004 and began to attract very serious label attention without having much of a tour history outside of local Chicago shows, opening for likeminded locals Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is…. When their deal with Victory Records came through, they immediately began planning their first album, If You Speak Any Faster.

Working with Brian McTernan (Thrice, Cave In, Hot Water Music) as producer, June began recording during the spring of 2005. "A lot of producers might use too many of the features in Pro Tools now, and it sounds good, but maybe too good. Brian brought out the absolute best in us, leading us in the right direction and making the music sound really natural, not over-produced," Mark remembered. The results of their labors are obvious on If You Speak Any Faster; the dual vocals of Tim Brennan and AJ Brown surge over powerful guitars, the overall sound is immediate, warm and real. Songs about failed relationships dominate the album, illustrating the shifting personal dynamics that resulted after June made the decision to play music and tour as a career.

Touring is the essential element for all young bands and June are no exception – they have shared stages with the likes of Hawthorne Heights, Fall Out Boy and The Format in the last year. Expect to see them on the road non-stop in the months to come. They will celebrate the release of If You Speak Any Faster at the legendary Chicago rock venue, Metro on September 3rd, joined by label mates The Junior Varsity and theAudition. The album is eagerly anticipated by fans of rock, pop and emo: all signs point to huge success for this young band. June follows in the footsteps of great Chicago rock legends, but they will leave their own footprints on the scene with their debut album.

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