heavy metal

Testament Bio

Band members
Chuck Billy - vocals
Alex Skolnick - guitar
Eric Peterson - guitar
Louie Clemente - drums
Greg Christian - bass

Thrash Metal

Thrash band consisting of Chuck Billy (vocals), Alex Skolnick (guitar), Eric Peterson (guitar), Louie Clemente (drums), and Greg Christian (bass). The band started out as something of a Metallica clone, a criticism that frequently dogged them throughout the '80s. The focus of their music gradually became Skolnick's technical guitar playing, but mutual dissatisfaction led to his leaving the group after 1992's The Ritual, eventually joining Savatage after Criss Oliva's death. Testament regrouped, adding renowned death-metal guitarist James Murphy, who has worked with Death, Obituary, Cancer, and Disincarnate, and concentrating on a much heavier sound than Skolnick provided. The Gathering followed in 1999.

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