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Stone, The
Band members
Nefas - vocals Kozeljnik - guitars Demonetras - guitars Milan "Urok" Awaken - bass Ved - drums Glad - live vocals

black metal

In the unholy June of year 1996, two hatred warriors, Nefas and Blizzard, forged the dark blades of evil and The Stone was summoned (at first, band worked under the Stone to Flesh monicker). Soon after, Kozeljnik have joined the legion.

In February 1997. the band entered Cesnjak studio and recorded the first demo entitled Serbian Woods. Four tracks of aggressive black metal of pure kind with evil touch of dark pagan atmosphere.

In February 1998. the band recorded its second demo called Killed By The Sun. Demonion Productions, a small underground label from Greece, released Unveiled Evil tape that consisted both recorded demo materials.

It was a year 1999 when Serbia felt under the war and even the missiles were flying around, the band was on and ready for a new conquering. A part of the atmosphere from bombing of Belgrade was recorded and used as an intro to the opening track for the first full-length album called Some Wounds Bleed Forever. The album was released by CCP Rec. from Austria, year 2000.

Again we faced unique dark masterpiece in form of aggressive and fast black metal with unpolished production and evil atmosphere.

In order to promote the album band played several gigs and also played Belgrade date with Romanian Negura Bunget.

In February/March 2002 band had enetred Kazablanka studio and recorded second album called Slovenska Krv. The album was released by Wolfcult Prod. (ex-Solistitium Rec.) from Germany.

In December 2002, band recorded two new songs as an opening bonus for the re-release of old demos. This time old demo tape Unveiled Evil was put on CD called Tragom Hromoga Vuka released in the March 2003 also by Wolfcult Prod.(ex-Solistitium Rec.).

In the beginning of 2003 band played a historical gig in Belgrade with Czech gods Root. Later The Stone shared a stage with Krieg and Merrimack.

In summer 2003 band played mini tour in Czech Republic and also appeared on cult Czech Open Hell Festival. Soon after band played two dates in Slovenia and also played one gig in Romania with Norwegian Ancient.

In winter 2003/2004 band recorded 3rd full-length titled Zakon Velesa, released through Solistitium Records this time.The most aggressive and darkest album has been recorded since then, full of cold and evil atmosphere entangled in diabolically sharp and freezing sound.

The tour with Negura Bunget was booked, but due to some financial problems band canceled its part in this tour. Beside that band played several Serbian dates.

In December 2004 The Stone released 7inch ep Cujete li, smeju nam se mrtvi… through Czech label Eclipse Productions, (now Long Ago Records). Two new songs can be found on this vinyl only and again in more raw and evil way! Pure masterpiece!

In summer 2005, The Stone played very successful mini tour in Germany and Belgium and also played on well-known german Black Metal Festival, Under The Black Sun. In August 2005, The Stone signed a deal with cult german label Folter Records.

During the winter of 2006, band recorded fourth full-length album Magla which represents the most in depth and authentic evil work for the band since now. After the recording Aksinomantijan left the band and his replacement on drums is Ved. Also several gigs are planed in very near future as well as the full European tour. Hails the Serbian Raw Black Metal War! Slava!

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