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This Moment
Band members
Kevin Van Ouwerkerk - vocals Matt Lafferty - guitar Steven Hur - bass Nate Freedman - drums


Raised up in the same energetic and thriving Southern California scene that has given birth to Thrice, Atreyu, Bleeding Through and Throwdown – This Moment are the regions latest great export of heart pounding dissonant Hardcore.
Fusing angst ridden bellows and a passionately brutal sonic assault with melodic Morrissey-esque hooks, the ensemble of Kyle Laughlin (vocals), Matt Lafferty (guitar), Sean Dougherty (bass), and Nathan Freedman (drums), has quickly built a solid reputation in the Southern California scene with their technically precise, yet emotionally charged and dynamic performances. Sharing the stage with such acts as My Chemical Romance, and Kill Radio, it wasn’t long before This Moment caught the attention of producer Paul Miner (Atreyu, Thrice, and Death By Stereo, etc...), who signed on to produce the group’s debut LP, Finding a Voice in the Dark.

With finished album in hand, and Paul Miner in their camp, This Moment began to immediately receive attention from labels, publicists and booking agents. So much so, that by the time of their Uprising signing, the group already had a full US summer tour booked, and PR company on board.

With their vigorous work ethic, sonically devastating stage show, and a penchant for writing songs that are destructively savage yet nuanced with a pop sensibility, This Moment are well positioned to be the next major musical export from Southern California this summer and a major force in the National Hardcore and Metal scenes.

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