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Echoes of Eternity Bio

Echoes of Eternity
Band members
Francine Boucher - Vocals Brandon S. Patton - Guitars Kirk Carrison - Drums Duane Cowan - Bass


If an echo is the repetition of a sound caused by the reflection of sound waves, what are musicians but pilgrims for eternity?

For guitarist / songwriter Brandon S. Patton, recruiting the many talents of various self-taught resident-musicians in Canada, South Carolina, and Japan who would become his bandmates in ECHOES OF ETERNITY seemed to have come together effortlessly. Having played on & off in various death metal projects with drummer Kirk Carrison since October 1993, Patton proposed the idea of a female-fronted melodic band in September 2004 and shortly thereafter, both Patton and Carrison relocated to one of the best-known epicenters of music: Los Angeles. Once there, the songwriting began and Patton recruited vocalist Francine Boucher (from Val D’Or, Québec) to join the ranks. Bassist Duane Cowan joined a few months later and ECHOES OF ETERNITY was complete.

From the onset, the musical goals of Patton’s sonic alchemy have been to combine the power & aggression of extreme metal with the musicianship of progressive metal and complete the sound with the beautiful dynamics of the female voice. Moreover, the music’s guiding philosophy is much, much deeper than that, as outlined by Patton: "To me, music is the frequency of life and words have the power to create or destroy. The name of a band or title of a song can influence the direction of the music, so I wanted a name that was progressive and spiritual. In my interpretation, we, as human beings, are all extensions of all that was ever created
from the very formation of time itself. Therefore, we are all echoes of eternity."

Recorded in six months in Venice, California at RavensWork Studios and produced, engineered, and mixed by Eric Ryan, ECHOES OF ETERNITY prove how – in spite of geographies of origin - the life paths of alchemists can be drawn together to conference with similar souls who are dedicated to the process of transforming something common into something special.

Call it fate. Call it destiny. Call it a birthright. Call it mystical intervention. As strange as it sounds, this sort of spiritual convergence can still happen in the twilight zones of Los Angeles…

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