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This Ending
Band members
Mårten Hansen - Vocals Linus Nirbrant - Guitar Leo Pignon - Guitar Jesper Löfgren - Bass Fredrik Andersson - Drums

death metal

THIS ENDING was created in 2005 but the history goes further back than that. The band existed in a previous incarnation as A CANOROUS QUINTET which was formed in 1991 by Fredrik Andersson, Mårten Hansen and Linus Nirbrant. After some changes the line-up was complete with the addition of Leo Pignon and Jesper Löfgren. The band released the Ep "As Tears" 1994 and two full length albums; "Silence of the World Beyond" 1996 and "The Only Pure Hate" 1998. They performed numerous shows with acts AT THE GATES, DISSECTION, HYPOCRACY and EDGE OF SANITY to name a few, and became known for being a very aggressive live band. THIS ENDING has had a loyal cult following ever since.

Expect some of the most brutal and dark melodic death metal ever heard from Sweden! The music of THIS ENDING embodies the qualities of technical death/thrash and the catchiness of melodic death metal! A combination that is refreshing to the genre yet still brutal and dark enough to scare the sh$t out of your parents. Ushering in a new era of Swedish death metal, THIS ENDING is brutality and darkness, yet melodic and catchy. "Inside The Machine" features 10 tracks of non stop violence with astonishing musicianship and a new approach to songwriting that leaves you wanting more. Featuring Fredrik Andersson of AMON AMARTH and former members of A CANOROUS QUINTET, fans of the older AMON AMARTH stuff will love THIS ENDING!.

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