heavy metal

Tainted Bio

Band members
Nick - Guitars and Lead Vocals Quentin - Drums Sean - Bass Guitars and Vocals Tim - Guitars

death metal
black metal

Formed in late 2004, Tainted is comprised of Nick King: Guitar & Vocals, Tim Facoory: Guitars, Sean McCurrie: Bass & Vocals and Quentin Forster: Drums. Tainted spent a day in Nightshift Studios and recorded a demo in late May/June 2005 before hitting local gig venues.
Their first show at the Jetset Lounge proved a success and started to build Tainted's reputation as a tight and energetic live act quickly gaining momentum. To date Tainted has been proud to play slots with Auckland's 8 Foot Sativa, Sinate and Australia's State of Integrity.
December 2005 Tainted entered Blast Studios to lay down 10 punishing tracks and release "The Awakening" thru MFT Records and Global Routes Distribution.

Tainted bring together a cohesive mix of death metal, thrash and black metal to create a punishing sonic soundscape.

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