heavy metal

Genderuwo Bio

Band members
Didix Kaos - lead vocal Marthin Tarigan - bass/guitar Bondie Destiant - drums


This band was set up on 1993 by three insane teenagers from Depok . The first line up on this band were Ewet, Gondil and Bondie and now his joined with " Panic Disorder". On the first gig's this band bring do insane song from Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Repulsion Rigtheouspigs. Because something personal happen on this band, this band ready to changes the member and make this band stuck for along time.

On 1995 this band reborn and continous their fuckin gig's on the stage and got new member Ewet (guitar/voc), MarThin (bass), Abas (guitar), Bondie (drum), in this formation band realeased promotape "Genderuwo the Uncommercial Hate" contains with three sickness song and ready to crush the stage with their insane performance again. And like ussual happens on the band this band got the problem again and stop for a moment cause of klise problem.

But on 1999 the band ready to struglle again and set the new formation bye Marthin and Bondie and ready to released mini album got the title " Korban Kebencian " it's contains six lunatic song with ' Tottaly Grind ' and blasting sound and get Didix Kaos on vocal.

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