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Bloody Gore Bio

Bloody Gore
Band members
Ipank - Vocals Rio - Guitar Mithos - Guitar Feby - Bass Sony - Drums


Bloody Gore formed in the mid of august 1996 with the sole purpose of creating the most sick, extreme, and repulsive form of music. US & Canadian sound of brutality became the most influence of the band at that time. The former member was:

* Ipank-vocals
* Rio-guitar
* Mithos-guitar
* Feby-bass
* Sony on drums.

Late in Dec 1996 Feby parted with Bloody Gore for personal reasons and was replaced by Ewien. With this line up the band began playing many gigs & started gaining attention from the local scene as a cover version band. In Sept 1997 Ewien left the band to joined his old band. At that time the band was hard to find someone who really into the same shit, idea, and kind of friendship. After a few months Mithos began interested to filled up the bass position.

Late in Nov 1998 Bloody Gore recorded their first promo tape which included two extremely brutal songs. Through this promo tape the band became more well known in their local scene. One song off their promo tape was featured on Brutally Sickness comp. tape which released by ESP production (Indonesia). After writting enough material the band entered the studio to recorded their debut demo tape entitled "Stench Of Your Perversion" in June of 1999. The result was six pulverizing composite of ultra brutal death grind that fuse with guttural vomit spurts, shredded riffs, and insanely fast as fuck drumming from beginning to the end.

Currently Bloody Gore is working on new material for the next release and hopes receiving more response from freaks all over the world concerning their debut tape. In addition the band needs a huge support from everyone in the underground with the hope of crushing the global death/grind scene with its unrelenting violent & intense brutality.

Soon after the demo was released, Ipank(vokills) left the band to became more serious in his job but he's still help out the band to do some gigs until the band find the new one who can share the brutality with.

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