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Tears of Israfel Bio

Tears of Israfel
Band members
Tomas Yeltzin - Guitars & Lead Vocals Omri Luzon aka KS - Guitars & Lead Vocals Itai Mazor - Bass Ori Kariv - Drums Tamir Gross - Keyboards Mirit Delman - Female Vocals


In the year 1995 Tomer Lavie aka Tomas Yeltzin, Omri Luzon aka KS and Oded Kahn formed an Acoustic-Atmospheric style band known as - Menzoberranzan, by the inspiration of The Dark Elf Trilogy By R.A. Salvatore, which had a line-up of guitar, keyboards and vocals. Later, after the leaving of Oded Kahn in 1997, Amit Moreno joined with the remarkable- unique sound only he was capable of forming. The band's line-up was two guitars and keyboard. Due to the changes in the band, mainly caused by new lyrics written and composed by Tomas & KS, there was a place to change the band's style to Alternative-Rock. Most of the material was humoristic, though not entirely.

After the style changes in the band's material, there was a need for a Bass player and Drums, which was fulfilled by Gur Shpigel on the Drums. There was no Bass-lines until later on. After a year of practice and writing, Oded Kahn returned to Israel for a few weeks, which was a great opportunity for the original members and the new ones to record the first Demo that was never had the chance to be named, due to conflicts with the recording studio. For that demo Dani Luzon played on the Bass. Most of those records lost during production by the studio, never to be seen again.

In the year of 1999, the band decided to perform in front of live audience for the first time. Lotan joined the band on the Bass for the rehearsals and the gig. They performed With the great grunge band Kadarlaomer©, they made a few joined rehersels, and after a couple of months, on 30.6.99 at Beit-Hanoar Ra'anana, they performed in a self product gig. The hit of that show was "Yisurai Hahormon", which was later known through the country.

After those events Lotan left the band. New material has been written, though making it the first black-metal material of Ks & Tomas. Influenced by bands like Agathodaimon, Lord Belial, Orphaned Land, Dissection and others the band started working on the black-metal style. Omer Kinamon from Kadarlaomer© joined the band on the Bass. After a year of conducting this new material, which was a big change, the second gig was made at the "Legendary" club in Tel-Aviv, March 2000, with the bands Spawn of Evil, Azazel & Decayed Soul.
After that gig came another one at the "Muza" club in netanya which was a very good gig and was a big success which brought menzoberranzan to a decision that they are ready for a demo, the band entered the recording studio for the second time, recording the second Demo named Menzoberranzan. To that record Talia Meir added the back vocals. That Demo was not what the band intended it to be, due to the lame production and the fact the band was short in time, the Demo never was published.

After the second Demo, Amit Moreno, Gur Shpigel and Omer Kinamon departed from the band. There was a great need for players and Eyal Veinberger joined on Bass for a very short period, and departed from self reasons.

For about a year the band wasn't active, and the only members in it were Tomas & KS, writing new material and worked on their new project "As Sun Descended upon Ashes & Lillies"©. After a few months of search for new players Itay Mazor & Ori Kariv formed the new line-up. After a few weeks Tamir Gross joined on the Keyboards. The band was forced to change its name, few ideas were suggested like; Cadeaverous Bloom, Sacred Silence & Nezer Habriah, but the chosen name was Tears of Israfel©.

The band now works on the "As Sun Descended upon Ashes & Lillies"© project, while the Demo "My Silence After Life"© is about to be realesed to the public.

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