heavy metal

Tangorodrim Bio

Band members
Mrakobes - vocals/guitars Tangor - guitars Darveter - bass Alcogolik - drums


Hailing from Israel (!!!) Tangorodrim unleash Alcoholica fueled black metal that raises its whiskey drenched goblet to the ETERNAL ATMOSPHERE OF UNHOLY BLACK METAL!

And think about it!!: To play Black Metal in Israel, you have to be fucking insane or possessed! Tangorodrim is both! While they have the undeniable black blood of fellow brethren: Dark Throne coursing through their veins,

The blasphemous desecrations of satanic elders such as: BATHORY, VENOM, and HELLHAMMER are also a obvious influence on Tangorodrim. This special vinyl only release from Southern Lord is limited to 666 copies on black vinyl!

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