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Band members
Guitar: Yaniv Aboudy Guitar: Sion Shalom Bass: Amir Salomon Drums: Iftah Levi Keys: Anton Dorofeyev Vocals: Lev


It all began in the summer of 2000 when Sion invited me to a show with two of his friends Gal and Amir (Sion and I already knew each other and played in the past).

Time past and things started to take form as a cover band playing tribute to our favorite bands. we formed a riff that later became "Forsaken Child". After that, came "Peace Breaker" and the "Temple of Light" (Yehoshua). But we felt that something was missing. We didn't have a vocalist. I contacted Yair and asked him to be our vocalist. To enhance the atmosphere and the of the band I joined Anton, he soon got to know the guys and became our 6th member of the band. We improved our playing and blended the keyboards in our music. we performed until Sion told us he is leaving us in favor of a trip to the U.S. We continued our band without Sion but we felt the band wasn't powerful enough. We needed another guitar player.

It was hard to find a guitar player that was professional enough to play our tight and complex music. Finally after a lot of searching my friend Yaniv joined us.

Due to musical differences and lack of suitability Yair left the band and we were soon to be a band without a singer again. On top of that, Gal left us.

We progressed and continued the work on a new materials and performance. Sion got back from abroad and we welcomed him back with open arms.

Now we are working on some new stuff and recording our day view album.

Biography by Iftah Levi

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