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Dust Components Bio

Dust Components
Band members
Elton Lee - Drums Rizal Khan - Vocals, Bass Whye Kong - Guitars


Dust Components is a 3 piece thrash metal band which hails from the sunny city of
Petaling Jaya in Malaysia. During August 1996, Whye Kong met Rizal through some
sources, and decided to get together to jam their favourite cover tunes,
mainly Sepultura and Metallica. Together with Iqbal, DC was formed.

Come November 1996, DC recorded their debut demo entitled
'Censorship Will Not Remain as Long as We Complain'. The 3 song demo did
pretty well, and was even given a rave review, courtesy of Joe Kidd from The Sun
newspaper. Later in January 1997, Iqbal left for Japan to further his studies.
DC was then left in the lurch to find a new replacement drummer. Spotting an
advertisement put up by a hard-rock drummer at the Jam Studio, DC decided
to contact him (Elton), and what a priceless phone call it turned out to be !

Now, with an even more ferocious and thunderous drummer, DC is ready to rock the world....

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