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Band members
Kinvttiyan - Guitars Cyclonvs Serpentis - Bass, Vocals Wind Vnsilent - Drums


KAMBING, from Laguna started in 1993 with the current line-up. Their first demo "PATTERNS FOR ABHORMENT", which contains four song of dark Black Metal with sorrow doom overtones were soon recorded but was not released due to some unexpected pressing problems.
The bands unrelenting pursuance to externalize a collection of moods that concerns their ancient lineage are interjected with strange musical arrangements. Delving their concepts on subjects such as Philippine malign magic, primeval goat idolatry and some filipino lychantropical archetypes, intertwined with unrestrained feelings of eastern diabolism and valor. The result of this is their second demo " VISITATION EAST HANGIN", released in 1998. The demo contains three tracks of Avantgarde Oriental Melancholia.
Unfortunately the demo also served as the bands final collaboration with guitarist KINVTTIYAN. Soon after the demise of the bands guitarist, KAMBING was finally put to rest. Despite the bands demise, occasional gathering with fellow underground band from Laguna, EBWA, is still happening.
The demo, "VISITATION EAST HANGIN" is still available. Contact Likhang Karimlan Promotions

Likhang Karimlan Productions
Ernan Katindig
281 P. Vallejo St.
Sta Rosa, Laguna
4026 Philippines

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