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Faster Than Satan
Band members
ND - guitars Akelle - vocals Hans - drums Ino - guitars Artemis 27 - bass


Faster than satan has been around for quite a while, but the first "serious" lineup was formed around September 2001 with founding members INO(guitars) and ERNEL(bassist), and then new members ND(guitars), LORD AKELLE(vocals), and JOHN(drums). Since then, they have undergone relentless gigging, and have recorded a few demos. They have also made a video of the song Painting the Darkness in the process. The band played mostly in Quezon City, where most of the band members are based-- particularly the now defunct Player's Cafe in Katipunan Avenue where they became regulars.

The members of the band had one common goal: play extreme metal and push it to its so called limits. They share the common interest of extreme aggresive music (hardcore and metal esp. Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse), as well as technical stuff (classical, jazz and progressive).

After a series of sound alterations, lessons learned, deeper research, more influences, experimentations, and further line-up changes, HANS (Tomb) joined the band and took over the drumming duties. The band further formulated and formed its sound and identity, which categorically, belongs to the most extreme within the metal genre, while exerting effort to not be limited to and boxed into it.

The band has relentlessly experimented, further improved its technical profficiency, ability and philosophy. At the same time, it has allowed space for the band and its memebers to grow, experience and improve its agression and tightness.

The lineup chnges occured prior to ERNEL's leaving the band to study somewhere else. His last gig was the NU 107 Summer Shebang in 2002, and he has since been replaced by Artemis 27 (michael) . INO, on the other hand, has been busy with his law school studies, and therefore, has not been able to play in the band regularly. He has also been busy with his other musical project, although he plays whenever possible. BONG(ex-Guardian Crucifix)was the session drummer while HANS was in Japan. Currently, Bong (also sessions for 9th Circle Prophecy, among others) is doing the drumm duties (while Hans is playing for Chamber 69) together with Lord Akelle (who also does vocal work with Humdinger, together with former FTS members Ino and John), ND and Michael

Currently, FTS is still in pursuit of destroying all barriers that limit itself in pursuit of extremity, technicality and immense brutality. FTS is a metal band that pushes itself limitlessly to overcome stagnation, with an objective as unit, to be tighter, more agressive, brutal, while not compromising technicality, songwriting, its message. In the band's pursuit of growth and overcoming stagnation, it will further experiment, and will not slow down... exactly like what it's name speaks of.

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