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Babar Shaikh - Vocals, Bass Faraz Anwer - Guitars, Synths, Drums


As the creation of Jahilia called upon the voices - the torn pages recollected, along multi dimensional shores of the weeping oceans. The thought of expression became clear. The season was winter and the year nineteen hundred and ninety four. Dusk took birth. Black inks stormed virgin white papers through the coming years. Insanities were put to tape during this time. One of such achievements was entitled "Where Dreams Bleed" which was set to path amidst the ninety-sixth year of the century featuring revelations. Time frames ravished and the dim light matured. Three years from the time of birth, involved individuals in the process of thought walked away from the shadows to attain communion with the orchards where whispers resided. Thus in the name of splendid heights that echoed pleasures unforeseen, another collection of thoughts was captured. The recording facility with white lights processed thoughts and bleak sounds into a compendium of progressive gray atmospheres. This execution was marked "My Infinite Nature Alone". And was presented to the other world by comrades. The participants of the black and white quest, walked along unfamiliar roads, with the fever to further create and enhance the infinite craving. Famished by a solitary dream scope, the latest chapter in the books of despair was written. Jahilia - brings forth a realm of expression that highlights the loss off one's self, and relates it to elements that fall under the light of severe abstraction.

Discovering the Cult signatures of Black Sabbath at the early age of nine, Babar started off on a perpetual quest of forming a band in his first teenage year. Even though the 'Human Ash' (first band) recordings meant to be the most ravishing thing at time available, Babar created a unit called 'Carcinogenic' in 1994 with veteran drummer Roger Kenneth Faria, 1995 appeared with the debut demo tape from the act with changed titles.‚ Dusk' was born.

Writing the concept laden dark eclipses for Dusk through the coming years, Babar perused studies, and graduated at an Art School. Eventually turning towards audiovisual, making the art of Film making his prime forte.

Babar's style of writing and command over the _expression of thought makes Dusk an everlasting impression. Diversified voices, growls and chanting, that reside within all Dusk recordings are a trademark of what Babar has forged through the past years. A concept writer by profession, Babar's visualization of Dusk's Avant-garde tinged sound scopes unfolds chapters within each Dusk recording.

As Dusk's image solidified as a premier Progressive Metal act, Babar felt the need to relocate the everlasting roots. Forming 'Northern Alliance' in 2001 along side Drummer Zeeshan Hayat, and later adding on bass player Ibad Sheikh 'Northern Alliance' heavily damages all corporate and mainstream music locally, through their uncompromising brand of Old School Blackened Thrash metal carnage.

'Aufgang' appears to be an ultimate salute to all eternally insane sound sculptures. A conceptualized studio act formed with Rizwan Khan (Drums) and Barges Buns (Tenor Saxophone), 'Aufgang' annihilates allexisting misconception and theory regarding experimental sound.

The time is somewhere in the late nineteen eighties and the place, an unexpected Pakistan. A young individual with a minor musical background and a great flair toward technique indulges into a certain type of musical art form. Later along timelines the undying love he had developed for the neo-classical and classical, and metal music genres over the years takes unavoidable turns. The initial mark was made. Putting his dreamt transitions down on the faithful six strings and a much-trusted Yamaha QY 70 sequencer, Faraz moved forward in his quest of capturing the true essence of progressive,
sound expression.

Dusk came along as an unplanned journey for Faraz, in late 1995, when Babar Sheikh, and Sohail (then Dusk‚s guitar player and his student), approached him, seeking a producer for their then to be recorded promotional tape. Faraz, not only produced the tape but also ended up doing the drums for "Where Dreams Bleed", released in middle year 1996. Already a permanent fixture to Dusk, Faraz took over duties as main composer and Guitar Player with Dusk in late 1996. In the years to come, Dusk became the surreal home for Faraz's nocturnal symphonic playing styles. His work on the 1999 debut record Å' My Infinite Nature Alone‚ washes all false beliefs. Quoted by magazines the world over as a milestone "Guitar based Metal record", M.I.N.A reached its peaks receiving great reviews, crediting Faraz as its progressive
sound creator. The track Å'Chiaroscuro‚ (an ancient composition by Faraz) made its way onto countless compilation CDs following the release of the record.

As true worshipers of distinction, Faraz Anwer along with band member Babar Shaikh, went ahead to create (soon to be released)'Jahilia', the follow up record to 1999's My Infinite Nature Alone, and once again succeeded in creating a sound unique to the entire metal brotherhood. Faraz'z neo classical meets fusion jazz drenched guitar odysseys and a diverse drum time signature establishes the sound scape as some thing out of another dimension.

In the early months of 2000 Faraz entered the "Digital Fidelity Studios" to put on tape his latest musical offering to the world. "Abstract point of view", an _expression that could only be conceptualized and executed by a soul called Faraz Anwar is a careful mixture of diversified musical sound scapes. It not only captures the listener's mind frame in totality but also opens the gate to countless unexplored light and dark horizons.

Later in the previous decade came the advent of Mizraab, a fusion group created with the nucleus of Faraz Anwer, Irfan Ahmed, Khalid Khan, and Akhter Qayyum. Mizraab released their debut record 'Panchi' on a local circuit, but unfortunately split up at the time of release, only to return as a stronger unit in 2002.With a revamped sound and approach, Mizraab
currently operated as a strong New Wave Metal outfit in the avenues of Karachi.

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