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Tang Dynasty Bio

Tang Dynasty
Band members
Vocals - Ding Wu (ex Hoi Bao) Guitars - Liu Yi Jun (Lao Wu) Guitars - Chen Lei Bass - Gu Zhong Drums - Zhao Nian


Tang Dynasty (TD) or Tang Chao is the most famous rock band from Republic of China. The band consisted of 4 members. Zhang Ju (b.), Ding Wu (vo., g : ex-Hoi Bao or Black Panther, the first chinese rock band), Lui Yi Jun (g.) and Zhao Nien (dr.)

At the begining, TD was temporary formed for making soundtrack for chinese film. (of cause, the story about rock musician). The band's name, Tang Dynasty, was given by Kaiser Kuo ( former member).

Tang Dynasty was a no name rock band like others until they have a chance to met Landy Chang, Taiwan businessman and founder of the Magic Stone Records ( related to Rock Records, Taiwan) and TD was signed to this label. TD released their first album " A Dream Return to Tang Dynasty" in 1992. Over 900,000 copies were sole only in asia ( not include bootleg and illegal materials). They were very famous in Taiwan. Their music video won Best Asian Music Video Award from MTV. At that time, TD was voted the best chinese rock band and Lui Yi Jun was voted the best chinese guitarist.

TD has some chances to performed outside China with other bands. For example, "Chinese Avant-Grade Tour" in German with Cui Jian and Cobra (chinese female punk band). And some events in Japan.

In 1995, bassist, Zhang Ju was passed away by motorcycle accident. And the band activities were stop since then.

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