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Band members
Rudi Rosmawan(gtr,voc) Md Rudy(gtr) Wadi(Bs) Razali(dr)


The band was formed way back in 1993 by then-schoolmates Rudi Rosmawan on Guitar/vocals,Roslan (Nalsor) on drums,Yusri on bass & Azam on guitars.under the name Ethereal Drown.Under this moniker,a 2 track Rehearsal Tape and a limited 3 Track demo was released before the band went into a temporary hault in mid 1994. between...

The group was reformed in early 1995 by Rosmawan and the name was shorten to Ethereal.Up till 1999,two demo's had been released ( Visions Of Doom '1996 and 'Pleading For Survival'1998) and several line-up changes had been made which includes appearance by Al Fahmi(now w/Beast Petrify),Zainal(Then w/Necreous,now w/Demisor),Yunus(now w/Black Bicycle),Roslan (co-founder,now w/Eudora) and Hairulnizam.The 2 demo's,particularly the first,was well-received and was even offered the chance to play overseas but eventually the band could not do so and was laid back due to inconsistency of band members and also Rosmawan's own personal problems.

...right now...

At last,Ethereal settled with stable line-up in late 2000 which remained till the present day.The new and current line consisting Rudi Rosmawan himself on Vocals/guitar,Wadi (then w/Manifest,joined in 1999) on bass,Muhd Rudy (then w/Focus,joined in Late 1998) on guitars and Razali (then w/Enorthed,joined in late 2000),played numerous gigs locally and recorded 1 track on the Urbankarma's album cum compilation in 2001) ,a CD single (off the unreleased 2002 album) in 2002 ,a track for Extreme Metal Compilation in mid 2004 and hopefully,the long awaited release,a 5 track EP in June 2004.

Biography updated as in Aprill 2004

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Formed in: 1993
Type Of Music:Death Metal
General Influences: Euro-metal bands eg. Gorefest,Kreator ,Dismember,Konkhra,Cancer,Meshhugah and floridian-based metal eg. Death,Obituary & Cynic.

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