heavy metal

Adema Bio

Band members
Mark Chavez - vocals
Tim Fluckey - guitars
Mike Ransom - guitars
Dave De Roo - bass
Kris Kohls - drums


The seeds of Adema were sown about three years ago when Chavez and Ransom were introduced to each other and began working their way through a series of local bands. It wasn't until the arrival of DeRoo and Fluckey that the first rehearsals and demo recordings began to attract attention. When Kohls joined, the stage was set for one of the biggest A&R battles of the year, until the band made their decision. "You can't believe how much love we've been getting from Arista," Ransom told the Bakersfield Californian in a major 2,000-word feature story. "As long as the five of us stay strong, stick together, nothing's gonna fuck with us."

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