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Borgo Pass
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Joe Jimmy Tom Paul YT


Powerful heavy-duty rock laced with melodic, and dynamic grooves is how the New York Blue Collar boys in Borgo Pass describe their music. As a five piece band formed in the mid 90's, Borgo Pass has built themselves a large loyal fan base with their grooving infectious sound. They have also created quite a buzz in the heavy music scene as a force to be reckoned with now, and for a long time to come. Borgo Pass cites hard rock from the late '60's and '70's and mixes it together with a more modern and aggressive approach, with realizations of everyday life as their main influence. The band's second self-produced album "Powered by Sludge", released in early 2000, was extremely well received by their ever growing legion of fans. This created a feeding frenzy of downloading on The album became critically acclaimed worldwide. It was named one of the top 10 albums of 2000 and received the highest rating ever seen by the Netherlands' Aardshock Magazine! They gave Borgo Pass 96 out of 100 points.
Recently, Borgo has shared the stage with the likes of many great bands. Some are as follows... Type O Negative, SuperJoint Ritual, Clutch, Kittie, Bio-Hazard, Life Of Agony, Kings X, The Misfits, OverKill, Unida, Prong, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Dokken, and many more. The band performed their first self-sufficient tour of the Southern United States in Oct-Nov including a wicked performance at The House of Shock (NOLA). Borgo Pass released their long awaited 5 song EP under the guidance of producer and Ex-Scatterbrain guitarist Paul Nieder. The sessions produced 5 sledgehammer tracks featuring "Shame" & "I've Been Down". The EP received immediate recognition around the globe and a swarm of positive press reviews.
Borgo Pass has finished recording 11 new songs under the wings of the very talented Crispy Chicken. In April 2005 they released "Nervosa" and quickly sold out of the first run.

If you enjoy music that is powerful, diverse, and emotionally charged, then you must experience this roller coaster ride of the senses called Borgo Pass.

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