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Early Graves Bio

Early Graves
Band members
Jason Ingram - Vocals Peter Layman - Guitars Mike McClatchey - Guitars Dave Small - Bass Adam Elliott - Drums


At a time that seemed to be destined, five souls from the South Bay of California merged together as one musical entity to form what is known as the sound of Apiary. Sought out to distinguish their originality, Apiary creates a sound that not only displays the unique, diverse style of music they all bring to the table, but also delivers an explosive onstage performance that leaves almost every witness astonished.

Since the beginning, Apiary has profusely worked on their music, with the hopes of catching the attention of at least one new listener. Apiary has taken their sound and energy, redefining it to become only a fine, well tuned machine.

Using their youth, passion, and intensity to express raw emotions and memorable experiences, the band has chosen the path to establish a foundation that no one can break. In life, change is inevitable; new things are introduced and become a part of us. There is one thing that is evident: change and positivity are soon to be introduced into the lives of many. A new generation has exceeded the horizon, and these five determined musicians have brought together a horizon that shines bright and fierce. Change will soon show its true colors through one outlet, and this outlet goes by the name of, Apiary.

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