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THE OCEAN is a phenomenal, very unique band that features influences from various styles of hard and also more mellow music. They are famous for their hardcore eruptions as well as their flowing soundscapes that are somewhat reminiscent of American pioneers Neurosis. But in the end they are simply THE OCEAN, a band that is well known in the German underground, not only for their albums, but also for their excessive live shows.

"It's great to have THE OCEAN on the label", comments Andreas R. of Metal Blade Europe. "This band is so talented - they transport a wide array of emotions through their incredible music. You can't be more honest as an artist than THE OCEAN are."

Comments THE OCEAN guitarist Robin Staps: "After talking to various labels over the course of the past months, we're happy to finally join forces with one of the most important labels for heavy music out there. Out of all the parties we've been talking to, Metal Blade seemed to be the most reasonable about what they can do for us and how they will go about doing it."

After more than a year in the making, their upcoming record "Aeolian", a sequel to 2004's highly acclaimed "Fluxion", is in its final stages of production.

"All the instrumental and vocal tracks have been layed down and we are almost finished with the mix. We have taken a multiple-singer approach this time, with the aim of finding the perfect voice for every part. The result is a number of guest appearances, including Tomas Hallbom of BREACH, Nate Newton of CONVERGE / OLD MAN GLOOM and Sean Ingram of COALESCE. Altogether there are 6 singers featured on the album, covering the widest possible range of aggressive vocals, from deep howls to high-pitched shrieking, with our mainman Meta at the low end and laptopist Nico at the high end of the vocal spectrum."

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