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Taketh Bio

Band members
David Dahl - Vocals Mikael Lindqvist - Guitars Atahan Tolunay - Guitars Lars Walfridsson - Bass Johan Dahl - Drums


Sweden is known for their great melodic death-metal bands. But Taketh is not just one out of many. With 'Freakshow", Taketh hit the streets with their raw, nearly metalcore sounding debut-cd. Influenced by At The Gates and In Flames they tried to create their own sound.

The story of Taketh started in military service when David and Mikael met. They soon found out they shared a passion for metal and started writing songs together. Johan, the brother of David, joined on drums and they started doing the first shows. It took several years before they finally decided to start up Taketh. Lars joined the band on bass and new shows were played.

In the beginning of 2005 Fear Dark from Holland noticed Taketh and the label decided to sign them. Taketh entered the Golden Cut Studio in Sweden to record 'Freakshow', which is released in Fall 2005 by Fear Dark. In the meantime Taketh found a second guitar-player called Atahan. And so everything is ready to get the freakshow started…

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