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Symphorce Bio

Band members
Andy B. Franck - Vocals Cedric C. Dupond - Guitar Markus Pohl - Guitar Dennis Wohlbold - Bass Sascha Sauer - Drums

hard rock

When singer Andy B. Franck formed SYMPHORCE in October 1998 to write songs which are "straight, melodic and full of energy" no one would have guessed how long the way was for the band to get established and how many nerves it would take. The goals were clear, the way to achieve them was long and hard, but with "Twice Second", the band is ready for the big thing to come up!

With the album "Truth To Promises" (1999) the band got fantastic reception and great reviews to SYMPHORCE's first release on Noise Records. "Truth To Promises" brought them on a support tour as special guests for MERCYFUL FATE. Right after the tour Andy had to replace two members of the band. The arrival of guitarist Cedric "Cede" Dupont (in the meantime also rocking with FREEDOM CALL!) and bassist Dennis Wohlbold in 2000 heralded the band's most important step! Cede's razor-sharp leads, catchy melodies contrasted to Dennis' heavy and deep growling bass grooves made SYMPHORCE unique and perfect! Andy, Cede and Dennis became also a real songwriter team and one year later, the follow-up "Sinctuary" became one of the most important releases in 2000. Fans and magazines quoted SYMPHORCE as one of the most promising acts of the future. At the same time, Andy also became a member of Germanys well known power metal band BRAINSTORM.

After "Truth to Promises" and "Sinctuary" the new members Sascha Sauer (drums) and rhythm guitarist Markus Pohl finally finished the great SYMPHORCE-puzzle and the band is stronger than ever! "Finally!" says Andy "even in the first rehearsal together, we could feel the strong energy and how the band is going to be from then was clear! Absolutely great!

Now working with Metal Blade as new partner, the band was recording their third album "phorcefulAhead" in August 2002 with the help of Achim Köhler (Primal Fear, Sinner, Brainstorm, etc.) behind the mixing desk in the famous House of Music Studios in Winterbach. "phorcefulAhead" (2002) is a result of pure energy and ferocity!
Amazing and absolutely fantastic reactions on the KAMELOT Tour in early 2003 and at the well known bigger metal festivals (Wacken Open Air, Metal Dayz, Summerbreeze) showed, that the band is also able to convince live on stage! Their performances are pure energy and it gets hotter and hotter every minute! Directly after those fantastic live experiences the band packed their equipment and headed directly off to the House of Music studios again, to record the 4th album "Twice Second" together with Achim Köhler. The energy and power, gained from the live activities, makes it possible to describe the new album with just one sentence: "What a blast!!!" People will be very surprised with "Twice Second", as no matter which style of metal you like, you'll find everything on this album! The band has recorded its most powerful and aggressive album ever.

Straight next to the release of "Twice Second" in January (12th January 2004), SYMPHORCE will be on the road with GRAVE DIGGER from 6th January until 18th January. SYMPHORCE is now ready to open another chapter in their career. Without any compromises, timeless, melodic, and riff-oriented SYMPHORCE will rock every stereo in the future!

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