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Duskfall, The
Band members
Antti Lindholm - Guitar Oskar Karlsson - Drums Kai Jaakkola - Vocals Mikael Sandorf - Guitar

swedish metal

The band the band was formed in Luleå, north of Sweden in 1999 by Mikael Sandorf (ex.Gates Of Ishtar) and Glenn Svensson. It started off as a jam/cover-project under the name Soulash, but soon they took their ambitions further, spawning a full-time band, playing their own music. Earlier, Mikael had some plans on doing a soloproject under the workname Duskfall. It was supposed to be his new adventure after the crash n'burn project GATES OF ISHTAR, but he changed his mind and took the written material to this new project instead.

The vocals were first managed by Per Johansson from SATARIEL and he also drew the first logo for the band. After some live shows and the recording of their first demo "DEMO 1999", Per decided to leave SOULASH for personal reasons and the microphone was handed over to Kai Jaakkola from Deathbound. Then the band changed the name to get a fresh start, This time using the name of Mikael's planned soloproject Duskfall.

As life is no cinderella story, the band had to struggle with line-up changes and fucked-up recordings. The band managed to keep their spirit going and created more songs for a second demo. Then the second big disappointment came. Tommi Konu (Bass) and Urban Carlsson (Drums) didn't find the time to give 100% to The Duskfall and the band decided to look for another bassplayer and a new drummer. After months of searching they asked an old friend from Gates Of Ishtar, Oskar Karlsson, to join the band. Oskar took care of the drums and suddenly out of the blue, Kaj Molin appeared. Kaj was the missing link and he replaced Tommi on the bass. Finally the band had a full line-up and in the summer of 2001 they recorded the "DELIVERANCE" promo.

In spring 2002 the years of struggle ended when The Duskfall was contacted by Greece label Black Lotus Records. They had recieved the "DELIVERANCE" promo from one fan of the band in Greece and they instantly offered the band a recorddeal. The guys were able to release their highly acclaimed debut CD, "FRAILTY", recorded at the infamous DUG-OUT STUDIOS in Nov 2002. After the CD was released the next bomb dropped. Glen decided to leave the band to focus on his family and the band was without a guitarplayer. The Duskfall stumbled in the dark for several months until Mikael got in touch with Joachim Lindbäck, a local metalhead that had been playing thrash during the 80's. They did a testrehersal and Joachim was the man for the job.

With a complete line-up, the band could focus on writing new songs for their second CD. They went back to DUG-OUT STUDIOS and recorded a slaughtering follow-up to "FRAILTY", by now known to the world as "SOURCE", released in Dec 2003. The responses from the medias has been excellent as the band has taken their music forward, in a backward manor, returning to a more distinct sound and reclaiming their roots.

After the release of "SOURCE" the curse struck once more as Joachim also left the band to focus on his family. This was a setback but the band got help from and old friend of Kai, Antti Lindholm, also found in Finnish rockers LAMBS. Antti is now a full-time member of The Duskfall family.

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